Monday, April 19, 2010


Nathan got some shirts and hats from his work and Tate insisted on putting them on and wearing them all night. He is such a little crazy boy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter (a little late)

It is about time that I post about our Easter festivities. It was a lovely Spring weekend (NOT!). There was snowy rain and snow all weekend. We started off the fun with a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Tate had fun finding eggs and even more fun finding what was inside. He got two baskets from the Easter Bunny this year (all the eggs couldn't fit in one basket). It didn't take long for him to dump out the candy and easter grass everywhere! Oh, two year olds! We then went to my moms for Easter dinner and another (indoor) egg hunt. It was a great Easter and we still have A LOT of candy to show for it! Here are the photos:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is this an April Fools Joke?

We were not impressed to be waking up to SNOW on APRIL 1! Someday Spring will come and stay. But, Tate was excited and wanted to go out and play in it in his jammies. I always think it is interesting (and sad) to see the snow on flowers (hence the pictures).
In other news, Tate has been saying/doing some crazy things lately. Here are a few (more for me to remember than anything):

*We recorded the Life nature series on Discovery Channel for him and he LOVES the fish episode. But, he calls it the "Eyeball Show." :) There are several parts where they show fish eggs and you can see the little eyeballs-hence the name. We hear requests for the "Eyeball Show" several times a day.
*Tate has been interested in potty training lately. He has yet to actually pee or do anything else in the potty, but he always asks to go. This morning I hear him calling for me from the bathroom and I go in and he is stuck in the big potty (with all his clothes on). I pulled him out, stripped him down, and got his little potty and seat for the big potty down. But, no success....
*Tate has an obsession with bowling lately. He wants to "play bowling" and "do strikes" all day everyday. He also insists that we put bowling on the TV while he plays bowling. So, he watches several matches of the PBA a day. It is a little strange, but he loves it.
*He is also very excited for "Baby Core" to come "in the summer". He always wants to rub my belly, hug it and kiss it. He is also really interested in babies that we see. Yesterday, he came to a Baby Shower with me at work and there was a "tiny, tiny baby" (as Tate says) and he kept telling me "I need kiss that baby." He finally worked up the courage to go kiss her foot. It was pretty sweet. Let's see if that translates to his baby brother!