Friday, September 27, 2013

Tate's Soccer Picture

Little Riley Jane

Sometimes I literally think I am going to eat this baby up. She is so sweet and pretty and has the most kissable little cheeks. I love mornings when it is just me and her. This morning I couldn't take how cute she was being, so we took some pictures. Love love love this baby girl!

Anniversary Trip

We celebrated our 9th anniversary this year and it was a great one! We went to Wendover on Friday night to see Penn and Teller and stay at the Nugget. The next day, we went to Salt Lake, went shopping, had dinner and relaxed. We also got to play at the waterpark at our hotel. It was such a wonderful, relaxing trip!

Buffet at the Nugget
I forgot to take a picture of our room, so here is the sign showing a room like ours. :)

September Happenings

We have been doing some fun things lately. Here are some photos from the month:
Corey loves going to preschool! And, we love it too! :)
Crazy Hair Day at school
I broke the stove/ oven so we had to get a new one
I came back from somewhere to find the boys had made this "crystal maze" in the yard
Girls Day in Park City!
It was such a great day!

Nathan brought the kids to my work and brought me these gorgeous flowers for our anniversary!
We all had a little sickness this week and it wasn't too fun!

Silly boy came down from a nap, took his pants off and went back to sleep on the floor. :)
Riley loves having another girl around :)

My mom and I went to a Gala for the Adoption Exchange at Gardner Village. It was such a great night!

Tate and Riley

Tate loves his baby sister. He is a gentle, sweet and protective big brother. They sure love each other!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mom's Birthday

We had a fun time celebrating my mom's birthday with a soccer game, pizza at Two Jacks and cake and presents. We love birthdays (and Grandma)!

Riley is 4 Months Old!

 Our Riley girl is 4 months old! She has mastered the art of rolling over. She can now fully roll over from front to back and back to front. She loves to stick both of her little legs in the air. She is still so smiley and has this funny crooked, half smile. She had her 4 month appointment and, overall, things looked great. She is 13 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. This is the 23rd and 26th percentile. Her head is still huge at the 96th percentile. The dr did have concerns about her neck and immediately noticed how she leans her head to one side. And, after examining her and realizing she doesn't have full range of motion in her neck, she diagnosed her with torticollis and referred us to a physical therapist. We just need to do some exercises to strengthen her neck and help her head shape. Other than that, Dr Dayton said she is doing great.  

Tate Soccer Pics

We have had lots of fun watching Tate play soccer this year. Sometimes he doesn't seem to interested in what is going on with the game, but it is always entertaining. Love this kid!
This was his team picture. Tate spent most of the time in the back row dancing and being silly. 
It has rained A LOT this year. Tate was on the sideline at this moment. He asked me to follow him around with the umbrella while he played. 
Tate throwing it in
He has played goalie almost every game and he seems to like it. This day, he stopped all of the balls (and did lots of dance moves in front of the goal). 
Riley was thrilled to be at the game :)