Monday, July 28, 2008

Calvin's Blessing

We went to Brandon and Calli's baby, Calvin's, blessing yesterday. He is such a chubby, sweet baby and we had fun hanging out with the family. Tate loves playing with his cousins all day (who all LOVE him!). They all had fun for about 20 minutes giving him socks and toys, having him throw them on the ground, and then picking them up and letting him do it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It was nice that somebody was willing to play that game with him for more than a second!

Somebody learned to hold their bottle (finally!!), but won't do it when we are around!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fiesta Days, Ole!

Spanish Fork has a fine little fair thing, the Fiesta Days, and we went for the first time this year. Shelley (Nathan's sister) and I went to the craft fair one day and Nathan and I went went last night to get some Tri Tip sandwhiches. While they weren't quite as good as Nath's Tri Tip, they were good. Summer is so fun!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Babies Be Shoppin'

I love taking Tate to the store and decided to take a picture of him in the cart while we were waiting in a long Saturday Wal-mart line. Tate loves to investigate everything I put in the cart and then throw it on the floor. He is such a little rascal! While I was taking this picture, Tate was yelling "DaDa" at the people in line behind us. :)

Sunday Fun

On Sunday after church, we went outside to play. The weather was so awesome. It was that darkness right before a huge storm. My favorite!! About two minutes after we went inside, the heavens opened and it POURED. So, we went back outside and sat on the porch and watched the storm together. It was really special and Tate was fascinated by the rain. We finished off the evening with a BBQ. It was a great day. I love my little family!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fishin' in the Dark

Well, it wasn't quite dark....but Nathan, Tate and I went fishing the other night at dusk. Nathan found this amazing little creek by our house. It was really beautiful and Tate had fun checking out all the new plants and the rushing water. Nathan waded in the water and fished while we explored and sat next to the water. Unfortunately, it was late and we didn't get to stay too long before it got dark and close to Tate's bedtime. We will definitely be visiting that spot again. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun Times with Friends

Tate and I had a great time on Friday getting together with my great friends and former roomies. We all have at least one kid (all boys and one girl) and it is always so fun to get together and catch up. We had to rush to get something together because Sarah and her family are moving back to Michigan in a few weeks. I love these girls!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two Lil' Teethies

Well, here they are: Tate's first little teeth. Aren't they cute? Here are some pictures I took of Tate today doing some of his crazy little Tate-isms. He loves to point at everything and anyone who has spent any time with him knows that he always puts his arms behind his head like he is lounging. He is a crazy boy!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting Started Early

Yesterday, my mom and I were at the mall and Chick-fil-A (where we ate, of course!!) was having a promotion where if you dressed like a cow, you got free food. Had I remembered, I would have dressed Tate up. But, we had to settle for getting Tate's picture taken with the cow. He is on his way to his love affair with Chick-fil-A like his mom! I am so proud!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What I Love to Do

I just wanted to do a little different kind of post today. As many of you know, I love photography and I am constantly reading and practicing to get better and better. I took a class at UVSC and hope to take some more. I have a little side "business", if you can call it that, and I have had a lot of fun taking pictures of cute kids and families and even a wedding. I have been working on updating and cleaning up my photography website. Not to sound like I am soliciting myself :), but if you know someone who would like their pictures done, you can email me at I have done several shoots with babies (newborns are so much fun), kids and families. I have done one engagement/wedding and would like to do more. I usually go to the person's house (especially for newborns) or I know of some cool outdoor locations around the county. Thanks for listening to me on this and thanks to all my subjects (especially my poor little daily subject, Tate!!).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tate Loves the Wii

Tate always wants to climb on the Wii Fit Balance Board, so Nathan and his sister, Shelley, helped Tate play a round. Tate (with Nathan's help) actually scored a few points in the soccer ball heading game! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish....

Nathan and his dad had a lot of fun fishing this past week. They went twice, once with the us and once without us. They had success both times, but they cleaned up the second time. The Spanish Fork reservoir had recently been stocked with trout, including albino trout. They were all white with red eyes....really freaky!! Tate was very confused by the fish, which was funny!! Nathan and his dad came home with 6 of the 12 fish they caught. They cleaned them and we ate them for dinner that night! Delicious!!

Fun on the Fourth

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We had lots of fun on the Fourth of July. We went to Nathan's brother, Darren's, house. It was a great day of BBQing, kids and fireworks!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hess Family Fun

Nathan's parents are in town and we have been having so much fun with them! We have gone fishing, golfing, to Park City, had many BBQs and dinners and just had fun hanging out together. Nathan's brother, Warren, and his family are also here from Texas and we love seeing them as well. Tate has loved playing with his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.

Nine Months Old

Tate is now nine months as of yesterday! I can't believe he is already nine months...he will be a year before we know it! He has changed so much recently and I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He loves to sit up by himself on the floor, in chairs, in the tub or anywhere he can. He can get anywhere he wants to by doing the army crawl. He also wants to walk while holding your hands all the time. He can cruise around the house in no time. He also got his first tooth on Wednesday, shortly followed by his second tooth on Saturday. They are both on the bottom front. They are so tiny and so adorable. I about cried when he got his first tooth because my baby is getting so big!! He hasn't been too fussy at all with the new teeth, which makes us happy. He loves to say mama and dada and nana (whatever that means). He also likes to imitate your sounds. The other day Nathan's mom and Shelley were making duck sounds to Tate (he loves ducks!!) and he studied their faces and then made a similar sound with his throat. He is so interactive and fun. I can't believe how big he is!! We sure do love this little boy and love watching him change and grow!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big Baby and Little Baby

Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. So much has been going on that you can expect many posts to come! I just wanted to post a little something about my friend Taylor's new baby, Drew. He is so cute and tiny and it was so much fun to see Taylor and hang out!!