Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tater Videos

Here are two videos we have taken of Tate lately. The first is him cheering for the Cowboys with his dad. The second his my attempt to video him counting. He can count from 1-13 usually, but sometimes he gets confused and shouts out random numbers (such as five-teen).

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Nathan and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Sept 24. It has been a wonderful 5 years and we are closer now than ever. It is pretty fun to be married to your best friend. I have come to love Nathan more as I have watched Tate grow up. Nathan is the best dad and just adores our Taters. It is still wild to me to see Nathan's traits in Tate (how can a love of washing your hands be genetic?) We celebrated our anniversary by going to a hotel in Salt Lake. We had a great time going to a movie, Gardner Village, Cheesecake Factory and a little shopping and relaxing. It was great and I was a little bummed to come back to real life. (Oh, and thanks mom for watching Taters!)

I love you Nathie!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today is Blog Day

We have been super busy and haven't had one second to speak to 0ur fans! :) But, I did want to post something to let everyone know we are still here. This is going to be one mega post about what we have been up to (so pace yourselves..)

My mom had a birthday on Sept 10 and we all had fun celebrating by going to dinner and having some cake. She does so much for us and Tate loves his grandma very much!
Football season also started and we have had a lot of fun watching games. Of course, Nathan is excited about the Cowboys' season with their new stadium. Tate loves the Cowboys and often randomly yells out, "Cowboys Yeah!". He also asks us to put him in a Cowboys shirt just like daddy. We are planning on taking him to a BYU game this year to cheer on the Cougs (as well as the marching band!). :)

Part of the reason that we have been so busy lately, is the I have been craftin it up. I have been doing (along with my mom and sister) craft fairs on Thursday nights and Saturdays (selling my plaques, magnet/cork boards, etc). It has been a lot of fun and reasonably successful.

And, here are some cute photos of Tate and videos of him dancing. This kid LOVES to dance at any opportunity. We experience more fits because we stop rewinding dancing/music scenes on TV (after 20 times). We hear "more dance" several times a day. Crazy boy....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

23 Months Old!

My baby will be two years old in just one month!! Sometimes I look at him and I just can't believe that he is such a big boy. He is seriously big. He is talking up a storm and just cracks us up continually. He is saying sentences now (well, three or four word phrases), so we can have conversations. When we go places, I talk to him like I would any person (he gives good feedback at the craft stores). Some of my favorite things he says is "I hold you" (when he wants you to pick him up), "Wash the hand" (he LOVES to wash his hands), and "I lub you" (it melts your heart). He loves music and dancing. We hear "more music", "more dance" and "more drums" all the time. I couldn't be prouder of him. Maybe he will be a star athlete and in the marching band. But, I dream. :)

He can be a crazy boy: he dumped an entire bottle of red paint on the carpet a few weeks ago. But, he is mostly sweet and hilarious. I love my grown up baby!