Friday, February 25, 2011

Tubes for Corey

Corey had tubes put in his ear yesterday. This was a result of him having an ear infection for three months straight. He has been on five different antibiotics and several shots and nothing has touched the infection. He also had a lot of fluid behind both ears, so he hasn't been able to really hear for several months. The ENT doctor says he can hear like he is underwater, so all of the sounds are really muffled. As a result, he hasn't really babbled much.
So, he had his tube surgery yesterday morning and we are hoping it makes a difference for him. The worst part about the surgery was that he couldn't eat for almost 12 hours. Being a big baby, he was not a big fan of that. And, the doctor was almost two hours late so we had to keep him entertained and distracted while we waited. The surgery was only about ten minutes and went really well. He came out of the anesthesia really well. The best part about it all is that he can obviously hear much better. Last night, he said mama three times! He doesn't know what he is saying but he is just exploring with his sounds (finally!). He is also much more alert. I hope he starts feeling better and the ear aches are finally behind us!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

California Trip- Disneyland

We just got back from a wonderful trip to California and Vegas! We left our little Corey to spend some time with Tate. We went to Disneyland on Friday and had a great time. The weather didn't exactly cooperate- it rained most of the day. But, that meant that there weren't too many people there. We went on lots of rides: Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Tarzan Treehouse (lame), Small World, Casey Jr Train (Tate LOVED this!), Buzz Lightyear, Nemo's Submarine, Pinocchio, Turtle Talk with Crush, Monsters Inc, Soarin Over California (3 times!). We were so excited to take Taters on Pirates, but he got a little scared and had to "hide" most of the ride. But, now he says that it was his favorite and he keeps drawing pictures of it in his "journal." We did stuff Tate's shoes and he was just all enough for Soarin Over California. We were so glad because that ended up being the best ride! And, there wasn't anyone there so we got to go on it three times. That is an amazing ride!! Taters was such a trooper and walked around all day in the rain and didn't really complain. He wasn't too thrilled with the characters though. :) We saw Mickey, but he was too scared so we didn't take a picture. Overall, it was a fabulous day full of memories!!

California Trip- All Star Jam Session

So, my original plan for this trip was to take Nathan to the NBA All Star Game. It is always right around his birthday and this year is a special one for him, so I thought it would be perfect. UNTIL I found out tickets were about a thousand each. So, instead we went to the Jam Session, which was a huge, crowded exhibit with all sorts of activities and promotions. Nathan had some cool experiences meeting up with a broadcaster and seeing Rajon Rondo. It was craziness!

California Trip- Newport Beach

For our next stop, we headed over to Newport Beach. The weather wasn't too beachy, but for the morning we headed over to the pier, it was sunny and beautiful. It was fun to show Tate the ocean for the first time. He had lots of fun chasing pigeons on the pier and playing in the sand. He loved chasing the waves with Nathan until one took him out (with all his clothes and shoes on). I panicked and yelled for Nathan to go get him and he did (in his only pair of shoes). So, that was fun! :)

California Trip- Vegas

We stopped in Vegas on the way home for a night. Tate was really upset that he couldn't play the slot machines. :)

California Trip- Other Photos

This was Tate playing tennis at our hotel in Newport Beach. I wish it would have been warmer because they had a beautiful pool and hot tub. But, we still had fun playing outside.
On the way home, we stopped at the Valero gas station on Mojave Dr in Victorville, CA. This was the exact spot we got engaged 7 years ago. It was crazy to be back there and think of that awesome day! Alot has changed since the last time we were there! This is Tate tuckered out from all the driving. He was such a trooper!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan celebrated a big birthday recently! We had a little bowling themed party and just spent time together as a family! It was a great day and we LOVE him so much! (Also, our big trip was part of the birthday celebrations..)