Sunday, June 28, 2009

Megan's Barber Shop

I gave both Nathan and Tate hair cuts this weekend. Anyone who has seen Tate lately knows that his hair has been lookin a little rough. He has been looking slightly homeless in the hair department (because it was soooo dang long). The reason it has gotten so long is that it is a nightmare to cut his hair. He screams and squirms and smacks the clippers away. Let's just say I don't get to do my finest work because I am so focused on not stabbing him with the clippers. But, it is done and it is short! It is much shorter than I like it, but this was done to ensure that we don't have to do this again for awhile. He looks older with his hair shorter and more like Nathan (I think). PS- He refused to look at the camera in the after shots because we were outside and there was too much to do- but you get the point!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Today was a great day. Nathan does so much for us and is the best father, so it was nice to step back and try and thank him for all he does. Tate loves his daddy and loves spending time with him. Tate is very lucky to have such a great daddy who takes him fishing, plays ball for hours with him, and shares his treats with him. Tate has so many qualities from is so cute to see Nathan's little manerisms in him. Happy Father's Day, Nathan!

We are also very lucky to have wonderful fathers of our own. Both of our dads don't live close to us and we miss them very much! We love you dads!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tate's Two Possible Careers

1) The first possible career is one that we are hoping will make us all very rich. Tate loves golf! And, thanks to grandpa, he now has his own set of real toddler clubs. Tate actually gets golf and loves to hit the ball and then cheer for himself. He has yet to smash anything with the clubs, but we think it is only a matter of time. He does really well with the clubs, then starts using them as swords and we have to shut that down. My dad got him these clubs as direct payback for when I was little and got my own set of clubs, which I used to smash in the kitchen window. We are hoping to avoid that...

2) The second career makes me so proud. Tate is quite the little drummer. I plan on encouraging this throughout his life and maybe he can be the drummer in a rock band.....or just be in marching band for a long time. I love these pictures because Tate started hamming it up for the camera, which he never does. He was cracking me up. Rock on, Tate!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Best One Yet

I had the best birthday yet this year! I had a wonderful day with a pedicure and lunch with Tate, my mom and sister (thanks, mom!) and then I spent the evening with just Nathan and Tate. I came home from lunch to the smell of a delicous cake. Nathan baked for me!! Anyone who knows Nathan knows that was a special treat and it meant alot to me! He was so cute. We went to dinner together with Tate and then came home and played Rock Band!!! It was the perfect day and I love my family so much!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

20 Months Old!

Tate is 20 months old today! I have really made an effort to post on the 6th of each month with an update of what Tate is up to (more for my own records). We are all sick in our house right now, but I wanted to make sure I did this post.

Anyone who has spent more than one second with Tate recently knows that he is one wild and crazy guy! He is so busy and curious; he cracks us up. He is talking like crazy and amazes me everyday with all that he knows. He has a little DVD he likes (Hip Hop Baby- thanks mom) and they have a counting song. I started singing it one day (because I hear it 50 times a day) and Tate started saying the next number. He loves to try and hold up his fingers and say his numbers. It cracks me up, especially when he says seven because he says "seben!". Tate loves attention (anyone surprised?). He loves putting on shows and is so used to being praised that he sometimes says "Yeah!" after he does something in anticipation. Nathan asked him the other day what something was and Tate replied, "Golfball, Yeah!" and started dancing. This kid is so crazy.
He still loves playing with balls, especially basketballs, footballs and golfballs. One of my favorite things he does is says "Touchdown" when you hold your hands up. That is usually followed by him saying, "Football, Cowboys." He can identify the Cowboys logo anywhere (Nathan is so proud). He does something knew everyday and I love watching him learn and grow!!!