Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Nathan had his birthday yesterday and we had a fun day together. We made Nathan his favorite breakfast before he left for work, then once he got home we went to the Pizza Factory. That was a little chaotic because Corey decided he needed to throw everything at dinner. :) We came home and ate the gumball cake that Tate and I had made and opened presents. It was a great day!Tate wrote a song for Nathan's birthday:

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Boys

Today, we went to the park, fed the ducks and took some pictures. We have been stuck inside a lot this winter with the weather and sicknesses, so I have been itching to get out and take some good photos of the boys. So, here are some of them of Tate (at 4 and 1/2 years old) and Corey (at 19 months).

Friday, February 3, 2012

Help, We're Sick! (and a dance party)

These poor boys have been quarantined all week. They both got hand food and mouth disease and have been miserable with rashes, fevers and blisters. So fun! They also both have ear infections and Corey has had complications from the antibiotics. So, it has been a great week. But, despite all of the nastiness, we have had some fun together. The boys were being so cute and dancing around, so I had to get out the camera. (I decided to not include photos of their sores....nobody needs to see that.)