Thursday, February 28, 2013


We have had a horrible winter this year. It has snowed at least once a week and it has been freezing. We just recently were able to see some grass in our front yard. It has been a long, long winter and we are really looking forward to Spring (if it ever comes). Nathan was determined to take the boys out at least once to go sledding. So, while I was in photography shoots, he bundled up the boys and took them over to the golf course. I joined up with them a little later and took some pictures. They had a blast!

Random Pics

Two Silly Boys in the Tub
Last week, I had to go to the hospital because I was having pains. It ended up being nothing, but it was a long day!
Corey only really takes a nap now if he falls asleep in the car. So, we tend to drive around a lot around 2:00. This day he fell asleep reading a book.
Tate's preschool took a field trip to the Scerra Theater to see Rapunzel. Tate was sitting with his two friends, Nixon and Connor.
Tate found this little ensemble while we were at the mall.

Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's Day was low key. We had just gotten back from our trip and had spent the previous week celebrating Nathan's birthday. Tate had a party at school and he insisted on bring mustache valentines.
Nathan and I celebrated the following weekend. The boys had a sleepover at grandma's house (thanks, Grandma!!) so Nathan and I had a quiet night at home. The next day we went to lunch and a movie. It was perfect!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nathan's 32nd Birthday

We didn't get home until about 10:00 on Nathan's birthday, so we couldn't have much of a celebration. But, Tate was too excited to wait to give his dad the present he had picked out for him: an Angry Birds game. He was being so sweet and said we needed to put two bows on the present because he loves his daddy so much. I have never seen a kid so in love!

The next day, we had a real celebration for Nathan. We decorated the house, made his favorite dinner (lasagna), had cake and opened more presents. We sure love that birthday boy!

Tate helped me make this Tshirt quilt with shirts from Nathan's mission, places we have traveled, some of his favorite things and the baby blanket from when Tate was born.

Disneyland Trip!

We decided to take a little trip with the boys before the baby gets here and before I am too giant to do anything (which is fast approaching). So, we decided on Disneyland! It was a great idea in thought, and it was mostly wonderful. However, there were some moments of serious craziness when we wondered why we tried to bring an insane two year old and a timid 5 year old to Disneyland. But, overall, it was a blast with lots of great memories.
We stopped in Mesquite, NV along the way and stayed in a crappy casino hotel. But, the boys had fun jumping on the beds and exploring. It was also a little warmer and we could see the sky (unlike in Utah)!

We got to California Wednesday evening and hung out at the hotel. The next morning, we had some breakfast and were off to Disneyland.

We rode the bus every morning and the boys loved it.
We finally made it to Disneyland!!
Tate would have nothing to do with any of the characters. Corey was a little scared, but was fine as long as I was close.
Our first ride: Pirates of the Caribbean. The boys were a little freaked out and refused to ride it again. Not long after this, Corey had a major meltdown and I had to leave the park with him. He only last about 2 hours.
After long naps for everyone, we went back to the park for more rides. The boys had a fun time in Cars Land and this was on the Luigi's Tire ride.

Corey was very excited to see Mater!
We ended the first day with our favorite ride: Soarin Over California! Both boys rode it and loved it!!

Day 2 was POURING for a good part of the day. We didn't mind because we had our rain gear and it meant a lot of people left the park.
Waiting for the Finding Nemo Submarine ride.

Mickey's Toon Town

Corey loved seeing Mickey and gave him the sweetest hug! Love this picture!!

We went home and had naps again this day. When we came back, we were dry (for a bit) and watched the Pixar Parade, rode the Bugs Life rides, watched the World of Color (so cool) and Nathan got to go on the Cars Land rollercoaster (not for little kids or pregnant ladies).
Day 3 was a Saturday and it was PACKED. We didn't go on any rides, but just walked around and looked at some exhibits and hung out.

 This was an accurate picture of Corey for about half of the trip: throwing a fit. He was either tired or wanted to be held or upset about something. Oh, the joys of a two year old.
 Nathan and Tate on the main street in California Adventure.
On the way out, the boys picked out a treat and they both wanted these gross suckers. But, they enjoyed them!
At about 1:00 that day, we took off for Vegas. We stayed at the Rio in a really nice suite.
The boys were insane as usual in this hotel.

 The last day was Nathan's birthday, so we decorated the hotel room and then went to the Orleans Hotel, which has a nice arcade for kids.
 It was a tiring trip (between all of the driving and the crazy boys), but we had a really great time and are grateful we were able to spend that time with our boys!