Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vegas Baby!

We wanted to go on a little trip with Taters before the baby comes. So, where else do you take a two year old for a family get away? VEGAS BABY! We love Vegas and had a great time. We had been talking about going to Vegas and telling Tate what it would be like. So, on the first morning we woke up in the hotel, Tate looked around and said, "What the heck? Is this Vegas?" :) We took him to the strip and walked around. Tate was a little overwhelmed by all the "big buildings" but there was so much to see. Here are a few pics/videos from our trip. (Note: Tate refused to look at me or smile in most photos.....maybe someday he will cooperate.)
I took this video of Tate on the drive down. He was actually really good in the car and slept most of the way.

We (of course) went to M&M World, which Tate wasn't too excited about. The little movie thing was closed, which he would have liked.

We also went to Gameworks and Tate loved that. They had virtual bowling (which involved throwing a real ball down a lane towards a screen), which he loved. Notice his little hands spasing in this picture. He couldn't stand not touching all the bowling balls. :)

Tate loves to drive the cars at arcades, but he won't let you start it (which makes it cheap for us!).

This is just Taters and I on the strip in front of New York New York.

Probably the highlight of the trip for Taters was the Bellagio. They had a garden display with thousands of flowers and giant insects. It was gorgeous and Taters really loved it.

Then, of course, we watched the water show at the Bellagio. Tate loved it and is still talking about it and asking if we can see more of the water show.

Another fun thing we did was go to Circus Circus. We played carnival games and rode rides and watched the circus performers.
We also went to Fremont Street (the old strip) to see the world's largest screen and the shows that they have. Tate loved the big screen and the show set to "American Pie".
This is just a cute picture of Tate eating a healthy breakfast on our last day. :)

We went swimming on the last day, which felt so nice for me! Tate was being quite the dare devil and didn't want to be held in the water. He kept saying "I just want to swim. Don't hold me!"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Worst Night of my Life

If you haven't already heard, we had quite the night on Tuesday night. Tate has been sick with a cough for about two months and the doctors couldn't really find the cause. Then, the past three days, he has been especially sick with a cold and little fever. All day Tuesday Taters was acting normally and like himself. Then that evening, we had to run some errands and came home about 8:00. He then had some Almond Milk (a long story, but the pediatrician told us to give it to him). After drinking that, he snuggled with Nathan for awhile and was kind of zoning in and out. We thought he was tired because it was getting near his bed time, he had woke up at 5:00 am that day and didn't really get a nap. I went to get some medicine to give him before bed and came back to him and his lips were purple and his eyes rolled back in his head. Nathan stood up with him and Tate immediately started convulsing and vomiting uncontrollably. He was going in and out of consciousness and couldn't look at us or really respond to us. He threw up for about 15 min (almost straight) and then was still really out of it and going in and out of consciousness. We were, of course, freaking out and so worried. I called the on call pediatrician and he said to get him to the emergency room asap. So, we cleaned him up a bit and put him in the car. I drove while Nathan sat in the back seat trying to keep him conscious. When we got to the hospital, Tate was still trying to throw up (but there wasn't anything left in his little body) and trying to fall asleep. Throughout this whole thing, Tate was so incredibly hot.

They ran several tests and got him started on an IV of fluids. They ordered a chest xray and checked his urine, blood and vitals. It turns out Tate had had a febrile seizure from a severe hike in his temperature. Then, from the chest xrays, they found that he has bilateral pneumonia (in both lungs). So, they started him on some antibiotics through his IV and made sure his temp was down and we were able to go home a little after 1:00 am. We went and put him to bed, but had to check on him every hour or two to make sure he was still breathing ok.

So, since then he has been feeling MUCH better. The next morning, he didn't have a fever and (other than being a little sleepy) has been back to his normal, crazy self. This was such a scary ordeal for us and we are so thankful that our little boy is ok and there are no lasting effects from the seizure.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mised Us? (The last month..)

I do apologize that it has been so long since I have posted anything. My only excuse is that I am exhausted and haven't found the motivation. But, everything has gone really well for us this past month. Tate is doing really well and getting bigger everyday. He is a lot of work because he likes to destroy things and is always into something. But, he has such a funny little personality and it comes out more each day. He is currently in the million question phase. He says "What the heck is that, mommy?" maybe 100 times a day. He has battled some sicknesses (mostly allergies and another gross thing I don't want to share). And, Baby Corey is still growing away and getting ready to make his debut on July 1. That's the general stuff, here is a bit of what we have been up to (brace yourself, this could be long...):

We have had some crazy back and forth weather (hot one day, snowing the next). We definitely take advantage of the nice days and love to play outside. This was back in April and Tate was playing in our yard in his fedora.
We have gone fishing quite a bit lately. Tate LOVES it and Nathan just got him his own little pole (that he mostly uses to whack things). My dad came out for a visit for Katie and JD's graduation. Tate loved having his grandpa around and it was sweet to see them together. I haven't gotten all the photos from that visit, but here is a cute one of my dad and Tate:
Mother's Day was really nice. Tate and Nathan got me some flowers and treats and a certificate for a pedicure (which was what I REALLY wanted). We spent the morning together as a family and it was really nice (I LOVE my boys so much!!). Nath took this video of Tate saying Happy Mother's Day (as a tribute to one of our favorite videos of Tate from last mother's day. He sure has grown up since then!). Oh, and please excuse my giantness..

Then, we went to my mom's house to celebrate Mother's Day and Katie's birthday. It was a nice day for everyone!