Monday, April 28, 2008

Great Mother

My grandma (my mom's mom) came to visit this past week for the graduation. It was really neat to have her here and to introduce her to Tate. Tate had to stare at her for quite awhile (with his "Nathan" look), which he does to anyone new he meets. He then warmed up and loved playing with great mother (as she wants to be called because that is what we called her mother). We spent the weekend shopping, going out to eat, BBQing and playing Wii. We love you grandma and it was so great to see you! Thanks for coming all the way from Ohio to visit!Fun time with great grandma

The four generation shot

Hess family shot

Tate grabs everything!!

Tiny graduate :)

My boys!!! (and new favorite picture)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Congratulations Mom!!

My mom graduated from Utah Valley University (UVSC) on Friday. She has worked so hard and sacrificed so much to finish her degree. We are all so proud of her! We had a great time at the graduation and Tate was such a good boy!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Springtime for Taters

Utah has the craziest weather. It is 80 degrees one day and then snows the next day, literally. But, we have been enjoying a few nice days lately. Well, I should say the rest of Utah has been enjoying the weather. We have had the stomach flu in our house and have been confined. Thankfully, my mom was on Spring Break from teaching and came over for two days to help out. I couldn't have done it without her cause I couldn't move, let alone take care of Tate. Friday afternoon, I was feeling a little better and we decided to go outside to get some fresh air. What a beautiful day!! Tate loved exploring the grass, flowers and trees. I like to show him the outside of our house every now and then. :) These pictures are in our front yard with the pretty daffodils and other yellow flowers (that I don't know the name of). I love Spring!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friend Get Together

My old roommates from BYU (minus Sarah- we missed you!!) got together in Logan this past week. It was so much fun to see everyone, especially since we have spread out around the country. We all have boys and it was fun to see them all together.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Stud

Tate was looking especially cute today for church. I can't believe how old he looks! He is growing up so fast. What a tiny stud..... (if I do say so myself) :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Messy Boy

Tate is loving eating his rice cereal. He gets really excited to eat it and can eat quite a bit these days. I am happy about that because it helps his tummy stay full at night! (more sleep!!) He does think it is fun to talk and roll his tongue with food in his mouth. He spits it everywhere and laughs. What a funny boy.
Oh, and yes, I have tasted the rice cereal. It actually isn't too bad. It was sweeter than I thought it would be...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tate and the Rice Cereal

To celebrate Tate's six month birthday, we started feeding him yummy rice cereal. It is a good thing he doesn't know what good food is yet, because this stuff was nasty. He sat in his new high chair, with his new bib and looked so big. It almost made me sad to see him because he didn't look like a little baby anymore. He was very excited to get started and was grabbing for the spoon. But, when the cereal went into his mouth he was very confused. It was adorable and so funny to watch. He got the hang of it after a few bites and gobbled the whole bowl up! Such a big boy!
PS- His hair looks red in these pictures. It is just the lighting-I promise!! :)

Six Months Old!

Tate is six months old today. What an amazing six months it has been! I can't believe how much he has changed and how much he continues to change everyday. Tate is babbling like crazy. His favorite thing to say is "Nay Nay" over and over again. When he is sad, we usually hear, "Ma Ma" in his cry. He has no idea what he is saying, but it warms my heart to hear that. He also loves to make funny sounds with his mouth (smaking his lips or screaming) and it is so funny when he learns a new sound. He constantly rolls over and has figured out how to get up on his knees to scoot. It shouldn't be long before he is cruising around the house!! He definitely wants to move and gets frustrated when he can't reach something he wants. He grabs at EVERYTHING. I took him to the doctor on Friday for his six month appointment and he was grabbing everything in the doctor's office. When they put him on the scale, he grabbed all of the paper towels and threw them and ate the one that was left in his hand. He held on to that paper towel for the entire appointment. He is very interested in everything that we are holding or eating. He wants to touch everything and get everything in his mouth. He even grabs our ears and pulls us down so he can eat our faces. He is such a fun little boy. This is a great stage because he is so interactive but still our little baby boy. He is still snuggly and sweet to hold. I took these pictures of him today and tried to capture his everyday little faces and expressions.Tate puts everything in his mouth, including his hands. Tate likes playing on his tummy more these days. But, he can still only take it for so long.

This was taken in the middle of a "Nay Nay."What a sweet face!!

I almost got a smile on this one!

Tate and his "Girl Eyes"

Tate's chubby little cheeks

This is Tate covering his ears. He does this when he hears a loud noise, such as a cough, sneeze or Nathan cheering for Mephis during March Madness!!