Friday, August 24, 2012

Tate's Back to School Night

Last night, Tate had his Back to School Night at Growing Tree Academy. He wasn't feeling too great, so he wasn't super excited about it. He kind of hid behind me for most of the 10 minutes we were there. He has the same teacher, Mrs. Padilla, as last year and his best friend at school, Connor, is in his class. It should be a good year!
He is such a big boy! It melts my heart!
Afterwards, we went to the store and he got to pick out a treat.

The Last of the Summer Pics

This has been an awesome summer. We have done lots of playing and I am sad to see it end. But, I think the boys are both ready for some more structure. Here are all the pictures I haven't posted yet. We haven't been taking a lot of pics because I am trying to not annoy everyone as much by spending the whole activity taking pictures. :)
We try to have a green smoothie everyday. Corey loves them. Tate won't touch them.
We have spent a lot of time around Spanish Fork at the creeks and rivers. It is pretty amazing to live minutes away from such gorgeous spots.
We were on a nature hike for this one and Tate stopped to climb a rock.
   Then, the clothes came off. :)

Hanging out at the Mall with Baby Jack. Corey LOVES Baby Jack!
Such a cool kid!
Lately, Corey has started putting his hands on his face and yelling, "That scared me." It is very dramatic and pretty dang cute.
More fun at the Spanish Fork River Trail. Nathan has taken the boys or just Corey there several mornings and afternoons. Corey loves it.
I love this picture. Nathan took this one while they were fishing. Corey knows that all he needs to do is ask to go fishing and he just might get to go. (He uses that theory during nap times and when he is in trouble too. You can hear him yelling from his bed, "Daddy, I go fishing!")
Brook Trout Nathan and Corey caught