Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Fun Day

The other night (St. Paddy's Day), we went up to the reservoir to go fishing. It was so much fun and Tate squealed the whole time because he was too excited. He loved watching Nathan cast and he LOVED the water (WaWa). It so nice to be outside in the beautiful mountains and warmer temps!! We finished the night off by going to the greasiest most wonderful little drive in restaurant for sandwiches and shakes (and Fren Fries for Tate). Oh, the memories!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

17 Months Old!

Tate is now 17 months old! He has definitely turned into a crazy toddler with just a little baby left in him. He is constantly busy and into something. Can someone explain to me how someone so little can destroy a clean house in 2 minutes? With all the craziness comes a lot of fun. He loves to play with cars (that's a new thing) and he LOVES books. I must read him about 30 books a day. We can't even say that word without him freaking out to go get a book. He is also talking up a storm. We can understand most of the things he says. His big words are ball, car, book, dog, cat, cold, hot, outside, book, some form of the word vacuum, rag (his lovey), some, Num Num, BaBa, no no, go and weather (he still loves watching the weather). There are more than that that we can't quite understand yet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nathan's Worst Nightmare

Tate has had a thing for purses lately. He loves to pick up my purse and put it on his shoulder and walk around the house. Nathan tells him they are for girls, but Tate doesn't seem to care.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Videos of Our Crazy Tate

Tate is as wild and crazy as ever. It seems that every night right before bed (of if anyone comes over) he puts on a little show for us. I tried to grab the camera to capture some of it. He calmed down once I started videoing, but you get the point. We love our crazy boy!
PS- This is the first time I have had to post, so scroll down for more fun!! :)

Canning it Up

A week or so ago, Shelley, my mom and I went to the Lindon Home Storage Center to can food for our food storage. I have been trying to build up our food storage and I have found it to be quite fun. We felt like Lucy and Ethel in our outfits at the Cannery, but it was so much fun!!!

Our spoils....

So Close to Nursery

Tate is about 17 months and we are counting down the days until he can go to nursery in church (at 18 months). We don't get too much out of church lately because we are taking turns going out with Tate. He doesn't quite understand that he should sit still for three hours....(well, that is hard for me too!). Don't tell anyone, but I took these pictures and videos while we were roaming the halls. He was just being too cute!!