Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Tate has the best daddy and had a lot of fun celebrating him. He picked out some gifts for Nathan and helped me wrap them. He made Nathan open them the second Nathan was awake. He also helped me make a chocolate cake for his daddy. It was really cute because he dumped in all the ingredients and mixed it up. He was so proud of himself (can't you tell in the picture?). I wish that I could have done more for Nathan that day and that he could have just relaxed all day, but I wasn't feeling super great. And, in a perfect world Tate would have behaved like an angel all day... This picture is them showing off the matching ties they got (and one for Corey too). Can't wait to see them all dressed up with them on!

And, as a baby update, we are still set to go with the c-section next Thursday (July 1). Everything is looking good and we are just excited to meet our new little boy!!

A Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend. The weather was nice, so we got to take Tate and do a lot of fun things. My mom and I took him to the PG carnival and Tate was fearless and wanted to ride all of the huge "rollercoasters." He actually could only ride a few, but he loved the Carousel and the Car Ride. He looked like such a big boy riding around with the other kids!
We spent Saturday running errands and then we went to Tate's favorite place on earth. No, it isn't Disneyland, it is Pinnacle (where Nathan works). They have a huge basketball court, gyms, football field, sauna, foosball, ping pong and a theater. Yeah, it is super awesome. Tate things that it what Nathan does at work. :) Then, we turned on the sprinklers for Tate (and Nathan) to run through. Tate made Nath run with him, but they had the best time. It was pretty dang cute!

We are trying to do as many fun things as we can with our Taters before the baby comes! He is such a sweet boy and I love spending time with him (even if he is insane sometimes!).

The Birthday

I had a really nice birthday this year. I didn't have too much energy and I wasn't looking my best (HATE these pictures!!), but Nathan worked really hard to make it a special day for me. I spent most of the day at Youth Confrence, but we had a lot of fun going to dinner and eating treats! I love my family very much!

Friday, June 11, 2010

An Update

So, we are still around and doing well. We have been trying to get everything ready for the baby, while spending as much time with our crazy Tate. The official due date is July 1, so we are getting close. I am dilated to a 1 (which is one third of how far I ever got with Tate after 20 hours of labor) and the baby is measuring big (39 weeks last week). I can definitely feel that this baby is big! Tate is excited for his baby brother but has also chosen this time (when I am not as mobile as usual) to be crazy and be a true two year-old. But, he is also sweeter and funnier than ever. He cracks us up every day with the things he comes up with. He loves to yell from another room or upstairs, "Mommy, are you having a baby?" and I have to tell him I am not having a baby at the moment. :)

This picture was taken on Memorial Day. Tate LOVES flags and we had to go on a walk to find the flags in the neighborhood.