Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girls Weekend at the Zermatt!

 As part of my mom's birthday present, Katie and I planned on taking her to the Zermatt Resort in Midway. I had always wanted to go and it was perfect. AND, to make it even better, my grandma happened to be visiting the same weekend we were planning on going, so she came as well. It was a wonderful weekend that we will always remember!
The resort is Swiss themed and it had the most beautiful grounds with ponds, streams and a carousel. It was just gorgeous!
This was before we went to a wonderful dinner at the Chop Haus. They had the cutest soft pretzels, amazing fondue, and the tastiest Schnitzel I have had in a long time.
Then, we went for a soak in the natural Crater. It was heavenly and one of the coolest things I have ever done!

The water was 65 ft deep and really warm (about 95 degrees). It was so fun to just float and relax.
The next morning, we got up and had a great breakfast at the little Backerei at the hotel (yummy pastries!) and then headed over to Park City. Main St in Park City is one of my favorite places and we had a great day browsing all of the shops.
We ended the trip with a little lunch at a pub on Main St. We sat outside and it was wonderful.

 It was a great weekend and we are so glad that Grandma was there! It was great to spend time with her!

A Visit from Great Mother!

 My grandma came for a quick visit this weekend and it was SO WONDERFUL to see her! We had plans to go away for the weekend for my mom's birthday (no kids), so she didn't get to see the boys for too long. But, they loved seeing their Great Mother and showing her their moves on the trampoline. My mom and grandma got Tate this cute little race car outfit for his birthday and he was thrilled.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trip to Cleveland: Hanging out at Grandma's

My favorite part of the trip was hanging out with my Grandma Howard at her house. They have lived in this same house since my grandparents were married and I have so many wonderful memories of that house. And, nothing had changed. :) The boys loved feeding the ducks, playing with the cats, exploring the woods and going on "Easter Egg Hunts" (looking for golfballs in the woods). Nathan would hit them into the woods and the boys would go search for them. Grandma would give them a penny for each one they found and they both made some good money. I love my Grandma and Aunt Jill and Uncle Larry and it was SO GREAT to spend time with them. I miss them (and Dad and Jenny) already!!
Lots of fun hitting golf balls in Grandma's yard
Finding the balls in the woods
Tate would come back with his pockets full of balls and say, "Get out your piggy bank, Grandma!"
My grandma was so cute with the boys. The last time she saw Tate he was 18 months old and this was the first time she had met Corey. They loved her!
The Great Grandchildren
Tate could not control himself after Nathan found him this feather
Grandma's duck pond
Grandma's house (which Nathan wants to live in someday) I love this house!!
Love my Aunt Jill and Uncle Larry
Corey loved being Grandma's helper when she was feeding the animals. He was in heaven!
Tate also loved feeding the ducks
Corey loved riding "his tractor" (which was a broken lawnmower in the garage)
The boys did really well on the plane. It wasn't a disaster, which is about the best that we can hope for.
SUCH A GREAT TRIP! Thanks, Dad and Jenny, for everything! We miss you

Trip To Cleveland: Seein' the Sights

We had a little time to see some sights downtown. We walked around the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, saw the Browns Stadium and then walked along one of the piers on Lake Erie. Who knew Cleveland had so many cool things to see? And, we had to end the day with delicious Skyline Chili. Oh yeah.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Yes, this all happened.
Corey loved his 3-way. Tate was sleeping in the booth next to us, so he didn't get to enjoy any.

Trip to Cleveland: The Wedding

The reason we went to Cleveland was for my step sister, Suzy's, wedding. It was a really fancy wedding and Nathan and I were able to have a great night out. We hired babysitters to stay with the boys in the hotel while we partied. The wedding was beautiful and the food was amazing. And, it was the first time that I can remember Nathan and I dancing since our own wedding. We had such a great time!

Trip to Cleveland: The Hotel

We made a quick trip to Cleveland last weekend. We had a great time seeing family and friends that we hadn't seen in awhile. For the first two nights, my Dad and Jenny put us up in a hotel downtown. It was all very fancy. :) The boys had a blast hanging out with Grandpa and finding guitars and then swimming in the hotel pool.
Hanging out with Grandpa at the Mall
Corey would not leave these phones alone!