Monday, November 21, 2011

Playing in the Snow

We had some significant snow on Friday night and so we woke up to lots of snow on Saturday morning. The boys were so excited, so we all got bundled up and went outside to play. Tate loved it (as he always does), but wouldn't stop eating the snow (which had lots of dirt and leaves in it). Corey, on the other hand, was not so much a fan. He just stood there or wanted me to hold him. Maybe he couldn't move with all the chubbiness and his layers. :) Tate and Nathan had fun building a Mickey Mouse snowman.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tate's "How I Became a Pirate" Fieldtrip

I got to go with Tate on his second field trip with his preschool, Growing Tree Academy on Tuesday. They went to the Scera theater in Orem and saw the play, "How I Became a Pirate." It was such a wonderful experience! Not only was the play amazing, but it was so great to see Tate with his little friends. He is growing up so fast. He sat with me and cuddled and watched the play while we ate popcorn and treats. Tate loved these pirates and said at the end, "They didn't even take my stuff!" We had so much fun!


We had a lot of fun on Halloween this year! Tate loves pirates (especially the show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates) so he wanted to be Captain Hook. So, Corey was Peter Pan and we were pirates. Tate loves dressing up and has been wearing his costume at least once a day for the whole month. So, on Halloween night we got all dressed up and went trick or treating. Tate loved it and asked "can we do more trick or treating??" after every house. He did really well going up to the door and knocking with just a few exceptions. Two houses (of neighbors we don't really know), he just walked in the front door. But, other than that, he did great! :) Corey was also really excited that he got a whole bucket of candy!! It was one big party! (I wasn't really able to get a good picture of the two of the boys together. Corey would NOT cooperate and threw his hat of as soon as we could get it on. Oh well, you get the point!) :)

My Work Halloween Party

I brought the boys to the Halloween party at my work and we had a lot of fun. Everyone loved their costumes.

We Still Love you Cowboys!

The Cowboys have been struggling lately (especially last week), but we still have fun putting on our Cowboys gear each week and cheering for them.

Crazy Boys

I thought the other day that I don't record the boys just playing around much. Tate loves to pretend he is a different character and this day he was being a "marching bander." Corey was just playing with toys.

Carving Pumpkins

Nathan and the boys carved two pumpkins this year. They carved a white pumpkin into a witch and the orange one into a Jack-o-lantern. They were so cute and both boys loved it (unlike last year when Tate was too grossed out).

Look What Shelley Made!

Nathan's sister, Shelley, is so creative and cute and made these puppets for Tate for his birthday. He loves them! They have velcro on them and you can change out the eyes, mouth, nose, ears and hat/hair. Thanks, Shelley!!

Halloween Boat Cruise

I had purchased tickets for the Halloween boat cruise to do on Tate's birthday, but the weather was so bad then that we just got to go. It is a cruise at night on the Provo River and they tell scary stories and sing songs and a pirate attacks the boat. I thought Tate would like it because of the pirate, but that was the part he HATED. The pirate paddled up in a canoe and jumped on our boat and acted scary. Tate was not a fan of that and he started crying, which made Corey cry. But, the pirate gave everyone candy and it was all good. It was, overall, really fun!

Tate's Preschool Halloween Party

Tate was VERY excited for his Halloween party at his preschool. They got to dress up and they brought treats and candy to trick or treat with the other kids. They ended the day with a parade for the parents. So cute!!

Random Pictures from the Summer

Here are some pictures that Nathan took over the summer. They went fishing a couple of times and Nathan and Tate went golfing and had a great time. It was a great summer!