Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boys will be Boys

Tate is definitely a boy. This kid loves to play with any type of ball. He even loves anything that has pictures of a ball on it. He carries around pajamas and a bib that have different types of balls on them and he says "Ba" over and over again pointing to it. We now have to figure out how to teach him that drinking glasses and remote controls are not balls.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crazy Boys

This is what Tate was wearing when I came downstairs after church. Nathan had changed him out of his church clothes and this is what he changed him into. :) I sure love my boys! They always keep me laughing! Tate was posing for me...he was feelin the outfit!

PS- Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! This week has been killer busy!! I will try to do better!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Babies Gone Wild

Tate has started talking and understanding so much more lately. I have read that language explodes during this stage, but it is wild to see it in action! I actually had a little conversation with Tate yesterday. He looked at me and said, "Unt some. (want some)" and I said, "You want some Baba?" and he said, "Yeah." Who is this little person?? One of his favorite things to do is show you his belly. In fact, he doesn't like it when I put him in a onesie because he can't lift up his shirt. Crazy, sweet little person!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Year- 2008

I decided to take a look back at our year (thanks, Em, for the idea). What a difference in our lives from last New Year's. We have had a busy year of changes, most of them revolving around Tate. We are so blessed and I hope this next year we can live in a way that shows Heavenly Father how grateful we are!!Here is a look at our year: (warning, this post may get long....stick with me!)

January 2008:
*I went back to work from maternity leave and had a really hard time leaving Tate
*My dad came to visit from Kentucky
*The Cowboys lost their first playoff game
*We found out Tate was going to have surgery on his "boat shaped" head

February 2008:
*Nathan turned 27
*Nathan's mom came to visit
*Tate had his surgery for Craniosynostosis and it went well

March 2008:
*Tate was rolling all over the place (5 months old)
*We had fun with March Madness
*Tate's first Easter
*Nathan's grandpa Hess turned 90 and we went to the party in Logan

April 2008:
*Tate turned 6 mo old and started eating Rice Cereal
*I got together with my old BYU roommates
*My mom graduated from college!
*My grandma came to visit from Ohio

May 2008:
*Tate got two new cousins
*Tate took his first trip to the mall
*We went on LOTS of walks

June 2008:
*Tate got his first haircut
*My dad and Jenny came to visit
*I turned 26 years old

July 2008:
*Tate got his first two teeth
*Tate went to Chick-fil-A for the first time
*Nathan's parents were here visiting
*We went fishing alot

August 2008
*We went to Palm Desert, California with Nathan's family!
*Tate had LOTS of doctor's appointments
*I fell in love with Twilight
*Tate started crawling

September 2008
*Nathan and I celebrated our Fourth Wedding Anniversary
*Tate was as busy as ever
*We went on a family golfing outing

October 2008:
*We had a fun little party with family
*Tate had fun with his second Halloween (he was a monkey, I was a banana)

November 2008:
*Tate started walking!!! (help!)
*My dad and Nathan's parents came for a visit
*We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with my mom

December 2008:
*Tate had a little surgery
*We put up Christmas lights for the first time
*Tate experienced snow for the first time
* We went to Merced, California for Christmas