Sunday, September 11, 2011

Football Season is Here!

We are so excited that football season is here! This is my favorite time of year! We love to dress in our Cowboys gear and watch the games. Even though the Cowboys didn't win tonight, we are still excited! The boys were acting crazy with their jerseys on today. They kept tackling each other. Love it!

My Mom's Birthday

We had a really fun time celebrating my mom's birthday. Katie and I made a Cincinnati inspired dinner with Cincinnati Chili and Graeter's Ice Cream. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Poor Nathan, Bad Tate

My mom took Tate to an Owl's game on Tuesday night (the same day he started preschool). He came home late and was so tired (it was a big day for him). Nathan hadn't seen him all day and was trying to ask him about his day. All Tate could focus on was getting a bat to use with his new baseball. When Nathan didn't get it for him, Tate threw the baseball at Nathan's face from about a foot away. Nathan immediately went down and his face started to swell up. (And Tate got in BIG trouble!) Almost a week later, Nathan's face is not looking too good. Poor guy. :(

Super Grover

Tate likes to dress up as something different everyday. It can be a pirate, captain hook, a football player, a baseball player, Jimmer, Labron James (where he wears a sweatband headband), or some Disney character (Goofy, Mickey, Handy Manny). This day, he was dressed up as Super Grover. :)

Tate's First Day of Preschool

Tater's started preschool on Tuesday, September 6. He was so excited to finally start "prezool". It was pretty crazy for me to get his school supplies and pack up his little backpack. He needed to bring crayons, paper towels, a snack to share, a picture of his family for show and tell, and a emergency pack (with extra clothes, snacks, a mylar blanket and other stuff like that). The backpack is bigger than him, but he likes it. :)
Corey and I dropped him off and he had a little bit of a hard time, but his teacher helped him find his place at the table and meet the other kids. When we came back to get him, he didn't want to leave. After going twice, he is still doing that. So, hopefully that will get better soon. But, he loves it and he looks like such a big boy!

Corey is 14 Months Old!

This is a little late, but Corey is now 14 months old. He is as wild and crazy as ever. He is busy constantly. He is either getting into things, climbing on stuff, making a mess, playing with toys, tackling his brother, running, throwing something or trying to run away. He recently discovered how to open the oven and climb inside (needless to say, we now have a lock on the oven). He also loves to take off and go to the neighbors' houses (who have better toys than we do). But, he is also such a little sweetie. He loves to give lots of hugs and kisses. Whenever he sees Nathan or I in the morning or after work, he runs to us and gives the sweetest snuggles. And, if you ask for a kiss, he will give you a nice open mouther. :) He is the funniest mix of crazy and sweet. I love this kid so much, I can't stand it!!

He is talking a lot more (even though it isn't always words you can understand). He says mama, dada, ball, baba, bye bye, more, and night night. He is also signing more and all done. He is still a big boy. I am about to get out the 2T clothes (luckily, we have a lot of boys clothes). He is about 28-29 lbs and he is solid. We like to call him "tank" and "chubs."
The "blankie"

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tate's Preschool Open House

Last Tuesday night, we went to Tate's preschool for an open house. He is going to the Growing Tree Academy and we got to see his classroom and meet his teacher, Mrs. Padillo. Tate told us that at preschool you learn your numbers, letters and play with Mr. Potato Head. So, he is excited about that. :) He starts next Tuesday. He looked like such a big boy!!