Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Ultrasound Pics

 I had my 20 week ultrasound (when I was 22 weeks along) and everything looks great with Baby Girl (still no name decided yet). She was actually extending her legs during the ultrasound, which I had never seen a baby do. She was just chilling in there. We are so happy that she is healthy and things are moving along towards a due date of May 17.

Trying to Stay Warm

It has been SO COLD lately. The temps have been in the single digits and it has snowed feet here in Spanish Fork. We have been trying to keep the kids entertained and have been working on getting things done around the house.
We spent a whole day at IKEA and got some great stuff to organize toys and the boys new room.
Tate and his friend Zoe trying on glasses and headbands at the Gap.
We spent the evening at Kangaroo Zoo while Nathan watched some playoff games. The boys had a blast.

New Year's 2013

By New Year's Eve, we were all pretty much healthy. It took us a week or so to get everyone better, but by New Year's we were ready to party. And, bless my mom's heart, she took the boys for a sleepover party. They spent the night at Grandma's and made pizzas and ice cream sundaes. Nathan and I stayed in and played Monopoly and watched 24. It was wild (but SOOO needed). The next day we went on a date to the movies. It was exactly what everyone needed after being stuck in our house for over a week with a super virus.

Christmas 2012

 This was a much different Christmas than we planned. It all started when I got sick the Friday before Christmas. Nathan and the boys were great to take care of me while I was sick until they all came down with the nasty flu on Christmas Eve. By Christmas Day, we were all so sick that it was hard to care much about Christmas. Both boys had such high fevers and were throwing up. We eventually got through all of the presents, but it was a long day. There were periods where the medicine kicked in and they got to enjoy their presents. All in all, it wasn't quite the day we expected but it was still pretty great.

I made a big breakfast, but nobody really felt good enough to eat it. Corey tried, but didn't end up touching anything.
Our big present to the family was an IPad. We didn't get them to open it until 8:00 that night and they both felt so bad that they didn't even care. :(

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a pretty great day (other than the minor car accident I got into). Nobody was really too sick yet and we still got to enjoy some family traditions.
The boys were spoiled rotten this year. Since they had so many gifts, we let them open the presents from Grandma and Grandpa Hess on Christmas Eve.

Tate loved his Buzz Lightyear gun and game.
Corey got some really cool instruments for the bath tub. He loved them!
Whack a Mole!
We made some sugar cookies for Santa and the boys had fun with the cookie cutters.
The plate for Santa and the reindeer.
They were so excited for Santa to come!
And this is BEFORE Santa came and they had already opened presents from some of the grandparents!

Tate's Christmas Program 2012

Tate's Christmas program for his preschool was great this year. Since he is in the 4 year old's class he didn't dress up as anything this year. He seemed to be much more into it this year and knew most of the songs. It was pretty dang cute.

Afterwards, we celebrated Christmas with my mom since she was going to be in California during Christmas. The boys scored with a new wagon and block table. It was a great night!