Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year. Santa was very good to the boys this year (despite the fact that we tried to limit the presents). Tate's favorite presents were his train table, play food, costumes (batman and chef), puppets and games. Corey got some doggies, a firetruck, and some other toys. He didn't really get into the gifts too much, but he had fun with all the unwrapping. His favorite thing was a basketball game that Nathan got for the family. All in all, it was a great Christmas, or as Tate said, "the best Christmas ever!"

Christmas Videos

Here are some videos from Christmas. I got the boys a helicopter and they love playing with it.

Christmas Eve

We had a nice Christmas Eve dinner at my sister's house and then came home and got ready for Santa to come. Tate had a lot of fun picking out cookies for Santa and carrots for Rudolf.

Making Christmas Cookies for Santa

Tate and I had fun making sugar cookies for Santa. Tate thought Santa would like Mickey Mouse cookies, as well as Christmas shaped cookies. :)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I wore a ridiculous Christmas sweatshirt, earrings and a scrunchy to work last week.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert

My mom, sister and I usually go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert every year. This year was probably the best one yet. It was really great and really helped get us in the Spirit of Christmas.

Festival of Lights

We finally went to the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights this year. The boys loved it and were so excited. Even Corey made his grunts and pointed at the lights. It was a lot of fun.

Jingle The Elf

Tate loves to dress up as different characters. He asked Santa for different costumes and on this day we were running errands and Tate was dressed as Jingle the Elf.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Take 2

Tate got to sit on Santa's lap again at our ward Christmas party. I was taking the pictures and he stayed with me and watched him the whole time and at the last minute agreed to sit next to him. At least he isn't screaming. Baby Steps. :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tate's Preschool Program

Tate's first preschool program was great. They sang several Christmas songs (which he practiced A LOT). His favorites were Up on the Housetop, Deck the Halls, Frosty the Snowman and a song we had never heard of that had a bunny and a snowman. After they sang some songs, the 3 yo class (which Tate is in) came down and changed into their nativity costumes for the last two songs (which the older kids sang). Tate was one of the wisemen and we had made his costume the day before. Tate LOVED being on stage and was singing and jumping around. He was also being a little naughty and the preschool director had to call him out by name before the show started. Tate sat next to his best friend, Conner, and they were messing around and choking each other and being crazy. It was hilarious!

Cute Boys

Tate had his preschool program on Wednesday night and he looked to handsome that I had to take some pictures. Then, his crazy brother jumped in....and we didn't quite get the pictures I wanted.This is Tate practicing for his program:

Lights at the Riverwoods

My mom, sister and I took the boys to see the lights at the Riverwoods. It was so pretty and there were fires and a live band. Santa was there, but we didn't push it and go see him. Instead, Tate just wanted to stand far away and watch him. We also had fun going to the toy store...until Tate saw a pair of chattering teeth, got scared and we had to leave.