Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hess Family Christmas Party

The day after Christmas, we traveled up to Ogden again to attend the annual Hess Family Christmas party. They hold this party every year with Nathan's dad's family. This is no small little party and has to be held at the church because there are about 60 people there. Nobody in the room could even name everyone. They played a fun dice game called House of Fire and it was fun to watch everyone participate.

Christmas Day

We had a marathon Christmas Day celebration. We went to my mom's house with my sister and her husband and had brunch and presents. There, Tate received a new wardrobe courtesy of my sister, mom and dad (and Crazy 8) and Taters got a tricycle, which he loved! It was a great time!

Then, we headed to Ogden to spend time with Nathan's family. His parents were in town so it was great to be able to spend Christmas with them as well (and also Ryan, Darren, Julie, Brandon, Calli and all the kids). Tate was very excited about seeing his cousins and playing Darren and Julie's basketball hoop arcade game. We had a delicious dinner and just a great time.

It was a long day, but it was filled with fun and family! :)

Christmas Morning

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve having a ham dinner with my family. Then, Nathan, Tate and I had our little Christmas morning together. Tate was very excited about the presents, but he didn't quite get it on his own. With some prompting, he realized that cool toys were in the packages. He sure was cute to watch play with all his toys and eat A LOT of chocolate. We took a lot of photos and videos, so brace yourself:

Christmas Concert

My mom took my sister and I to the MoTab/Orchestra at Temple Square Christmas concert a few weeks ago. Natalie Cole was the featured performer and it was amazing! I have always loved her, and it was great to watch her sing the Christmas classics. Thanks, Mom!

Friday, December 18, 2009

An Announcement..

In case you haven't heard, we are expecting a baby!! This is a picture of our little jelly bean from our appointment last week. The baby is due around July 9, so I am about 11 weeks along. It hasn't been too tough a pregnancy so far. We are just glad all is well so far. Tate doesn't quite get it and often yells, "No brother! No sister!" So, let's see how he handles this come July. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it Snow!

I am going to see how many posts can be titled with Christmas songs...

Anways, we have had quite a bit of snow here in the past few days and Tate is always begging to "walk in the snow" and play in the snow. So, this morning, we all bundled up and went to play in the snow (as well as shovel). Tate was not a fan of having gloves on (he was wearing one of those gloves/shirts thing that my grandma gave him- so awesome!), but he stayed warm and had a lot of fun. Snow is always fun at first, so we will enjoy it while we can. I am sure I will start complaining about it in January...

Christmas Time is Here!

We spent th day after Thanksgiving decorating the inside and outside of the house for Christmas. It was a lot of fun this year because Tate was really into it and loved helping with the "Chripas." I love this time of year!!!

Here is the unveiling of our outside lights (so far). Nathan works so hard on them and it is so much fun!! We plan on adding a little each year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Boutique

My friend Taylor and I are doing another boutique this week. The last one was really fun and they had some cute stuff and delicious treats!!