Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hanging Out with Corey

Corey and I were hanging out this morning just the two of us and I took some videos and pictures. He is such a funny little boy. He was playing with his Mario figures and I heard him say, "Don't worry, Mario, our baby sister will be here soon." He has the funniest little personality and you never know what you are going to get from him. I love this kid so much! I can't believe he is only my baby for another week (or a day as he says in the video).

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Work Baby Shower

My amazing friends at work threw me an awesome baby shower as well. I was on bed rest, but my dr gave the approval for me to go to this shower. They did such a cute job of decorating. The food was sooo yummy and it was just a great day! I love those girls!!
Cute Diaper Cake made by Chantel
Jeannie did such a cute job decorating!
The short haired girls (Megan Porter and Angie)
Such cute things for a little girl!
Love all these girls! (Angie, Megan, Tess, Heather and Lindy)
All three of us Preggies- Christine is due a week before me and Andrea is due in July)
Two of my favorite work ladies- Cheryl and Jeannie
These girls were responsible for the shower- LOVE THEM!! (Cassie and Andrea)
Christine, Chantel and Jorden

Bed Rest and Getting Ready for Baby

The day after my shower (on April 12), I had my regular dr's appointment. I hadn't been feeling great the previous week (really hot, my heart was racing, I was seeing spots and really swollen and sweaty). So, at my appointment, they saw that my blood pressure was really high and wanted to get more tests done to see if I had preeclampsia. That weekend, I was put on bed rest and had to do some blood tests at the hospital, as well as a 24 hour urine collection (super fun). The following Monday, I went back to the dr to see the results. The tests showed that I did have a mild case of preeclampsia and I was put on strict bed rest and told that the baby would be taken at 37 weeks (May 3). I spent the next week going to the dr or hospital almost everyday for steroid shots and Non-Stress Tests and more blood work.

I was initially really upset about this diagnosis more because I didn't feel ready for the baby to come. So, we made plans to get all of the things done that still needed to be taken care of. One of those things was the baby's room. My mom came over and painted the room and then we finished getting it set up. It turned out so cute!

I am still on bed rest waiting for our little girl to come. I have received so much help from family, ward members and friends. I can't believe how much everyone has done for us!

Ward Baby Shower

My good friend and neighbor, Lisa Bell, threw me a really nice Baby Shower for the ward and neighborhood. There was some great food and friends and I got some really cute girly stuff!

Getting Tate's Cast Off

After only about 4 weeks, Tate got his cast off. He was very brave when they cut it off. The dr said it healed up nicely and that he could wear a brace for awhile if he wanted to.

Day Trip on the Frontrunner

For Spring Break, we wanted to do something fun with the boys. So, my mom and I took the boys on the new Frontrunner train to Salt Lake. The boys had such a great time!

We visited City Creek, Temple Square, the Lion House, and Gateway. It was a great day with my boys!

All tuckered out after a good day!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter with Grandma and Grandpa Hess

It was so much fun to go over to Grandma and Grandpa Hess' house for Easter. All of the Utah Hess families were there as well. The dinner was delicious and the boys had so much fun doing an Easter Egg hunt with their cousins. There were over 250 eggs! It was a great afternoon!

 The next day (since we ran out of time on Easter) we dyed Easter Eggs. The boys loved it and only a few ended up broken. :)

Easter at our House

We had kind of a rushed Easter morning since we had church, but the boys still had fun looking for their baskets that the Easter Bunny hid. After church, we came home and decorated Easter cookies.

All Dressed up for Church

 The boys had so much fun making and decorating sugar cookies to bring to Grandma and Grandpa Hess' house.