Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tate's Second Ortho Appt- Hard Cast

Today Tate had his second Ortho appointment where he got to get his hard cast. He was very excited to get a "dark green" one. He got some more X-rays and they said they bones are fusing nicely. His cast is all the way up his arm almost to his armpit. He seems more comfortable in this and hopefully, we won't have to worry as much about him in it. :)

Last shots of his blue splint outside the Dr's office

Tate was a little nervous when they were wrapping his arm, but he had his Daddy there with him (while I chased crazy Corey around)
We went to the mall after the appointment and met up with Tate's good friend, Drew, for some wild times. :)

Tate's First Ortho Appointment

A week after he broke his arm, we went in our for our appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon. We expected to get his cast on at that appointment, but they decided to wait another week. They took an X-ray of his arm and said it was healing great. They wanted to cut down his splint a bit (so his fingers could show) and re-wrapped it. We made an appointment for the next week to get his hard cast on.
After the appointment, we went to breakfast at Chick-fil-A to celebrate. He was so proud of his new blue splint!

St. Patrick's Day

We had a great day for St. Patrick's Day. Tate and Corey had so much fun dressing up and trying to keep up with the tricky leprechaun.

The boys went on a treasure hunt complete with clues and a pot of gold at the end.

 We finished the day with a green supper.

My Family/ Friends Baby Shower

While Katie was here, she and my mom threw me a baby shower. It was such a great day with family and my best friends. And, it was so fun to get so many adorable girl things! I am soooo excited!

So many cute little dresses and bows! I am not sure what to do with all of this stuff! :)
My roomies! Jill and Nat came all the way!
With most of our kids! :)
Two Pregnant Sisters :) Love her!

Boys' Pictures March 2013

While we were in the studio doing Jack's pictures, I had the boys wear their Easter outfits and took some pictures of them. Tate had his splint on, so we had to change it up a bit, but I still think they turned out super cute!

Katie and Jack's Visit

Katie came and stayed with us for a week. It was so great to see her and cute little baby Jack. It was also fun to see her since we are both pregnant and due about a week apart. While she was here, I took some one year pictures of Jack and some maternity shots of Katie.

Taking Care of our Tate

The day after Tate broke his arm, he was doing really well. He was happiest if we kept his arm propped up on a pillow. He quickly learned to play most of his favorite games on the iPad one handed.
He had his regular splint on for almost a week. We were a little crazy trying to keep his arm from getting knocked or bumped (especially by his crazy brother). The night before he went into the Orthopedic Surgeon, we decided to give him a haircut and a bath. So, we wrapped it all up in a garbage bag.
Corey felt left out and wanted to get his picture taken too. :)

Tate's Broken Arm

I knew it would happen eventually, but I just didn't think it would happen to Tate first. On Wednesday, March 13, the babysitter picked up Tate from school and brought all of the kids to the playground for our ward playgroup. Both Nathan and I were at work. About noon, I got a call from Suzie and the first thing she said was, "Tate broke his arm." I couldn't believe it and I started to freak out (being pregnant didn't help). She said that he was going down a slide and went to get off at the end of it and just kind of tripped and fell on his arm. She said it wasn't too far and so slow that she didn't think much of it when he started crying. She thought he was upset because he was dirty, so she went over to him to dust him off and immediately could tell that his left arm was broken. The bottom half of it was obviously in a S curve. I told her to take him to the ER and I literally dropped everything and started running to my car. We met at Mountain View Hospital ER and poor little Tate was shirtless (they had cut off his shirts) and crying. He didn't seem to be in too much pain, but was more scared. He DOES NOT like doctors or needles and he was terrified of what was going to happen. I had called Nathan and he immediately left work and started for the hospital.
Getting his X-ray
Tate got an X-ray, which confirmed that he had broken both bones (ulna and radius) in his left arm. They said that they needed to set it and splint it. To do that, they gave him an IV (to administer the pain meds and then to give him the medicine to put him out). Tate did not like having the IV put in. When they were setting it, they had to do X-rays at the same time so I couldn't be in the room. Luckily, Nathan was able to be with Tate and hold him. Even though he was out, I could still hear him screaming in pain. It was absolutely awful to hear my baby so scared and in pain. I couldn't control myself and just sobbed and sobbed. 
Tate was so happy to have his Daddy there with him
They then splinted it and wrapped it and gave him some more medicine. About an hour later, we were released and told to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon to get a cast. On the way home, we stopped with Tate at the gas station and let him pick out any treats he wanted. He was happy to tell anyone in the store about his arm. He was so proud. :) We spent the rest of the day relaxing and trying to keep him comfortable. He was such a brave boy!

St. Patrick's Day at Growing Tree

Tate was very excited for his St. Patrick's Day party at school. He was so happy that he could actually dress up for school! This was the last time he got to wear these shirts because a few hours later, they were cut off at the Emergency Room. :(