Monday, August 26, 2013

They Love Their Sister

The boys are always asking to hold the baby. It is their joy in life. It stresses me and Riley out.

 And then Tate wanted to hold Corey like a baby. Man, is that kid huge!

An Early Bday Present for Tate

Tate got a special early birthday present from his daddy. He is so excited to have a Wii U!!

Riley is 16 Weeks Old!

 Riley is now 16 weeks old. She is such a sweet little baby and she loves to look right into your eyes and smile and coo. She rolled over for the first time this past week, but isn't too consistent with it. She loves to be held so she can see everything and she loves to stand in your lap. She is such a silly, sweet baby and we just can't get enough of her!

School Haircuts

The boys were looking a little homeless-y. They were in desperate need of some haircuts.

Much better. :)

Summer's End

I can't believe summer is over! We have been trying to fit in some fun things before school starts and things get crazy (and cold). :(
Classic Fun Center with Drew and Boston
Fishing at the SF Reservoir

Fishing with Dad

Tate's Kindergarten Open House

Tate also had his open house last week. He was really excited to meet his teacher and check out his classroom. He was probably most excited to see his friend Nixon that he hasn't seen all summer. His teacher, Mrs. Money, was so cute and friendly. I think Tate is going to have a great year!

Corey's Preschool Open House

Corey is about to start preschool! Crazy! He is going to the same school that Tate went to (Growing Tree Academy) with the same teacher. He could not be more excited and is mad that it doesn't start yesterday. At the open house, he asked me if I would leave (compared to Tate who wouldn't get off my leg at his first open house). I wish Corey's teacher best of luck! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tate's Soccer Clinic

 Tate had a two day soccer clinic through the city to learn some more skills. The leaders asked Tate what position he plays and he said, "soccer." He is still a bit spastic and crazy, but he had lots of fun.
Riley and I watching the practice. She was thrilled. :)

Riley is 15 Weeks Old!

Our little Riley girl is 15 weeks old. She is such a funny little baby and still loves to make silly faces and crazy looks. She loves to stare into your eyes and do some wiggly smiles. She coos and makes some sweet noises that melt everyone's hearts. She is still having a little tummy troubles, so we are trying to figure out how to make her feel the most comfortable. But, she is still the sweetest, cutest little baby girl!

Friday, August 16, 2013


This summer has been a little different and we haven't gotten to get out and enjoy the sun as much. So, we were determined to get in at least one more day at the pool before school starts and life gets even more crazy. We went to my friend's pool and it was awesome. It felt great to be out in the fun! Riley loved lounging in the cabana in her teeny bikini. :)

She was a bit self conscious of her belly :)


Church Naps
Corey fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store with the sucker still in his mouth. His jaw was clenched pretty tight and I had to pry it open to get it out. He stayed asleep the whole time. 
This baby has been a little cranky lately, so we like to go on walks to calm her down. It works like a charm!

Tate's First Soccer Practice

Tate wanted to play soccer this year, so we signed him up for the city kindergarten league. He had his first practice last week, and he loved it. He was exactly how we thought he would be (wild, spastic and super excited). I can't wait for his games. 

Camping Trip with the Boys

We made a goal to take the boys camping before school started. Grandma and Grandpa Hess watched Riley and we were off! We went up Payson Canyon to Payson Lakes. And, as we were about to pack up the car and head out, there was a major thunderstorm.We decided to go anyways and hope it wasn't raining up the canyon. It was. So, we drove around and waited for an hour or so for the rain to stop. It finally did and we were able to set up camp.
Waiting in the car for the rain to stop

While we were setting up, a moose camp down from the mountain and walked into our camp. It was so crazy!
 After the rain stopped and we got camp set up, it turned out to be a beautiful evening and we headed to to lake for some fishing and exploring. The fish sure were biting! I even caught one! I couldn't get over how pretty it was up there. I can't believe this is just 20 minutes or so from our house!

One of his 9 or so fish!
Corey loves fishing with Daddy!


It has been years since I have caught a fish!
So beautiful!
  That night, we made a fire and grilled hotdogs and hamburgers then toasted marshmellows.
It was a little chilly and uncomfortable in the tent, but we made it through without having to drive home in the middle of the night (like last year!). The boys loved sleeping in the tent!

The next morning, Nathan went fishing to another lake and the boys and I went exploring. We hiked around and I let them take pictures with my camera of things they liked.
Sometimes you have to go....
Taken by Tate :)
Taken by Corey :)
Taken by Corey- he may have a future as a photog! 
Our campsite- Tate said he liked this post and wanted a picture with it.
Nathan brought this fish back and Corey was too excited to play with it!
   We then went to a different lake to try out our new boat and do some more fishing.
 It was a great trip with no major crises! We actually wished it would have lasted longer than just one night! Can't wait to do it again next year!