Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our First Family Camping Trip

We have been wanting to go camping with the boys for awhile, but have always had something going on. This past weekend we didn't have anything, so we decided to go for it. We went up Hobble Creek Canyon to Balsam campground. It was such a gorgeous spot and we, overall, had a wonderful time.
Nathan did a great job setting up our tent

The boys were very excited!
Playing in the tent is always fun (And, yes, Tate wore that Mario hat the whole least it wasn't the full costume, which he asked if he could wear. He said that would scare away the bears.) :)
Supply Tent- that worked out perfectly
Nathan built lots of great fires. We made this ring with sticks so that the boys wouldn't get too close- I was a nervous wreck about that...
We made foil dinners, which turned out pretty great
Staying busy

We went on a nature hike and had a blast. It was my favorite part of the trip. The boys had fun exploring and looking for certain items (a black bug, a yellow flower, a squirrel..)

Then, when it got dark, we had a great campfire and roasted marshmallows for smores. The boys picked out the chocolate and marshmallows and just ate those. But, it was lots of fun.
Afterwards, we all went to the tent to try and get the boys to fall asleep. Tate was a champ, but Corey was a bit of a nightmare. We finally got him asleep after an hour or so of crying. Then, he woke up again two hours later and never wanted to go back to sleep. He just cried and tossed. So, at about 4:00 am, I took him to the car and we went home. Nathan and Tate stayed and then we came back in the morning. At least we were only about 25 minutes from home.

BACON!! Tate had four pieces. We also had eggs, fruit and cereal.
The "big rock" near our campsite. The boys were playing explorers and found this and then wanted to climb it.

Hanging out in the creek. The boys loved wading in it and watching Nathan fish.

As we were just getting things packed up, the heavens opened and it POURED. But, I guess that has to happen at some point on every camping trip, right? We at least had the tent down and most of the clothes in the car already.
It was a crazy trip, but we had a lot of fun! Maybe it will be a little better when Corey is a bit older (and maybe less insane).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Payson Lake

I had some engagement pictures up at Payson Lake on Saturday, so the boys came with me so that they could do some fishing. We had never been there before. It is sooo beautiful! Who knew? The boys had a lot of fun running around the lake. It was a great day!

A Week of Doctors and Injuries

This past week was a crazy one. It started out with Corey throwing a walkie talkie at Tate and giving him quite the black eye. A week later, it almost looks worse. Poor Taters.

Then, Corey had his 2 year appointment on Monday. They asked me if we had a lot of tall people in our family because they think Corey is going to be tall. He is 3 ft 1.25 inches and in the 99th% for height. He weighed 37 lbs and in the 97th% for weight. So, again, he is a big boy. But, everything else looked good. The boys were being crazies around the drs office that day.
Then, on Tuesday, while we were at Seven Peaks, Corey had a bad fall. He was running away from me and when I started to speed up to grab him, he went faster and didn't see a rope in front of him. It clotheslined him and he fell back on his head on the cement. It was bad enough that people gathered around to see if he was ok. He was going to start crying, but when he went to catch his breath, his eye rolled back in his head and he passed out. I was freaking out and brought him to EMT nearby. Corey came to but was drooling and was still really lethargic (which was scary since it is NOT how he usually is). The EMT checked him out and watched him for a few minutes, took down our info, then let us go. I kept an eye on Corey for the day and he wasn't acting too different, just really irritable. That night, he cried for about 3 hours straight, yelling "Ow, Mommy." And, when he was still irritable the next day, we decided to bring him to the dr. They ordered a CT scan to check for a concussion.

Corey liked the "big machine" and did pretty well with the CT Scan. They checked everything out and said he didn't have a concussion and everything looked good.

It was kind of a crazy week, but I am glad that everyone is ok!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cow Appreciation Day

We had a great day at Chick-fil-A. We have been going to the Cow Appreciation Day for years now, but today was the best one yet. My mom, the boys and I went to the AF one for lunch with my friend Emily and her kids and then with Katie and Jack for dinner. It was a wild day with lots of chicken eating!
Zoe (my friend Emily's daughter) and Tate are so cute together!

American Fork for Lunch!
We had a great time with Emily and her kids!
Corey was not too excited about the cow...
This is the best we could get of the three of them....
University Mall Chick-fil-A for dinner!
Doesn't Baby Jack look so cute? I made his little hat and he already had the jammies.

Corey loves Baby Jack

It was a great day!