Thursday, August 6, 2009

22 Months Old!

Tate is 22 months today. We are officially on the countdown to two years old! Tate is pumped about it because 2 is his favorite number (he is also quite fond of ten). Tate has such a funny little personality and it comes out more and more each day. I took this photo and video of him this morning because he brought me one sock and one shoe and sat on my lap and told me to put them on him. Then, he got the guitar from Rock Band, dragged it to the chair and told me to put him on the chair. He is always working on something, and it is usually wierd (but funny). His vocabulary is huge these days and he can say almost anything he needs. And, he repeats everything you say (no matter how long the word is- which can be pretty funny). He still loves balls and books, he loves to dance and sing, and he loves to drum. We are excited for football season because Tate freaks out when any football is on TV. It should be alot of fun!
Some of my favorite things Tate has said or done recently:
*We were on our trip to Seattle driving through the night. It was 4:00 am when we stopped at a rest stop and Tate immediately woke up and said "I see road." He was then awake and ready to party and asked for chicken and french fries.
* He is always signing and asking for "more" of something. The other day we were at the park and he saw kids playing and then he couldn't see them and asked for "more kids." Today he brought a rock in the house and then dropped it and asked for "more rock." (You get the point.)
* While we were at the park he saw a little girl (probably 2 1/2 years old) and Tate kept trying to kiss her. He knows how to work the ladies at the playground!

PS- In this video I repeatedly say that Tate is 20 months. I am confused and apparently don't know how old my child is.


LUCKY said...

He repeats every word except Katie, out comes CaCa. All I have to say is mom you just wait till I have kids you will me Meemaw.

The Fischer Family said...

Oh, I can't believe he is almost 2! Wow! I love it- "focus!"

And Katie, Chris was CaCa for a while too! He'll get it right eventually!

Kayt and Brian Bell said...

Love this little boy!! What a cutie. I loved the youtube. . so funny!

beck said...

Bringin' him up right. (rock band)