Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Pics from the Past Month

Tate still loves to dress up. Katie and JD got him this Mario outfit and that combined his two loves. So, he has to wear it once a day at least.
And, the best thing is to watch the "Mario Show" while wearing the Mario costume.
Corey loves to sit in his red chair and watch a show.
More fun on the "fwide"
Here he is dressed as a construction worker....or something like that
Grandma got Corey this shade tent and we love to lay in it out in the yard
Chilling at Seven Peaks. The boys love going there!
This is a bad picture, but it shows the destruction from our Corey. This was how I knew he was feeling better.
Here is how our garden is looking these days. I am very happy that it is doing well and that I have only killed two of the plants. We even had a cucumber off of one of the plants with dinner the other night. Success!

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