Tuesday, January 21, 2014

December Happenings

We had lots of snow one night while Nathan was away at work. So, Tate and I did our best to shovel.
Riley loved trying to get the Christmas Tree and ornaments
Riley's first time eating a french fry, a special occasion
Cute boys getting ready for bed
Dinosaur Museum with friends

Our four Christmas cards this year
"Do they let elves into Costco?"
Candy Cane he made at school
checking out the wrapped presents-she only ripped the bows off of a few
And then she ate the bows
He was shocked that he had some presents under the tree
Someone learned to stand up in their crib!
And, on everything else!

She started to hold her own bottle- if you sit right next to her
We had a little sickness. Poor Taters wasn't feeling too great.

These two really do love each other
Cute girl at church
Fell asleep on daddy

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