Thursday, January 2, 2014

November Happenings

 Tate looks so good in clothes. He is so handsome. This was taken before church one Sunday.
 Cheering on the Cowboys! Every Sunday, we all get in our Cowboys gear and hope it helps (usually doesn't).
She already thinks I am a weirdo. 
 Tate drew this of Mike from Monsters Inc. I thought it was pretty dang good!
 The boys love to dress up and play together. Then, Corey punches Tate and Tate hits back and the good times are over.

 Tate fell asleep dressed as a police officer with gun in hand.
 We had a lot of nights this month with just us. We spent a lot of time at Costco.

 She is not too thrilled about the Bumbo.
 We also went to the mall a few times to get out of the house.
 Riley really wanted this guy. So, she got it. :)
 Tate usually dresses up when we go out. This was one of those days....
 It was unseasonably warm for part of the month. So, we all went on a walk.
 I got my fancy paperweight for working 10 years at DCFS. Who would have thought...
 All dressed up to go to the mall one night.

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