Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day this year. I would have liked to let Nathan sleep in as long as possible and then relax and enjoy a calm day. It didn't really go like that, but I still think it was a great day. Poor Nathan was really sick. But, we celebrated by making him breakfast and giving him his presents. We then went to his parents house and had a great day hanging out with family!

Nathan is the best dad in the world and the kids all adore him! We are all so lucky to have him in our lives and couldn't ask for a better and more fun dad!
Nathan's big present- the BBQ (which he really needed)
Sweet Kaylee holding Baby Riley. A lot of the Hess family got to meet her for the first time this day 
I attempted to make a video for Nathan for Father's Day. It didn't go as well as I had planned, but I guess it is more accurate of what life is actually like. I had to cut the first video off because the boys almost dropped Riley. :)

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